October 2001


This year I dressed up as a butterfly. I'd been planning this costume for most of the year, so I couldn't wait to wear it (officially). We had a parade at school and I went trick or treating with my friends in the neighborhood and our dads.

This is Sophia, my friend Lydia Felipe's sister. She loves hanging out with us at school.

My costume this year was a butterfly. You can see that Mom and I decorated a little.

Here is my good friend Rachel, dressed up as Jasmine. This is at the school parade.

Here I am with Griffin and Katherine getting ready to head out.

Griffin is checking out the loot.

My pile.

Here I am with Mom in front of Dad's Maple.

Another friend from school, Aiden.

The whole trick or treating crew. Back row: Katherine, Maren (Avery's new baby sister), me and Jack. Front row: Griffin and Avery.

Jack's mom Nancy is reading us a story after we got back. William joined us about half way through.

My friend William with his mom Paula.

Another group shot. Jack the wild croc is biting William's head.

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