July 2001

Fourth of july

We went to Indy again to see Aunt Tina and Uncle Rick and the fireworks.

Avery and I having a bit of silly fun.

I discovered how good the sprinkler feels this summer.

Curly, Larry and Moe.

Elaina and Uncle Dave in the hotel in Indy.

A couple of young patriots.

Chocolate cake is an American tradition.

My cousins: Amanda, the shy one, and Elaina, the not shy one. For a different look at Amanda see the Christmas pictures!


Here I am 'splaining something to Aunt Cheryl.

Uncle Rick, the original party boy. One guess who this is from.

I played soccer this summer. Dad says I was a good dribbler and a good scorer.

Here is my friend Aiden showing me how to pull chewing gum. It was an effective lesson since I now know how.

Grandma Glenda came to see one game.

On the way to Indy.

Working in the yard. This was right after the sprinkler.

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