Christmas Night at Sam and Olga's, 2001

Hi Rick and Tina, sorry you couldn't make it. We had a nice Christmas Night. Although the pictures tell the story pretty well, here are a few comments that might help. Amanda had on platform shoes, Alex is cutting molars, Zak spent almost the whole night building an awesome '68 Mustang like the one in Bullit, we buffet style and Andrea's car isn't running. Not much else to add. Hope to see you soon.

One other comment: I pretty much dumped these out of the camera and used some crude tools I have for scaling and generating this page automatically. It's fairly austere, sorry!

Grandpa says "Who's sitting in my chair?"

Beep, beep, coming through!

One word: Wow!

Aunt Andie has her party duds on, too.

Could someone please take that pot of cheese sauce on the left and pour it over that cauliflower on the table, please?

C'mon Elaina, big smile, please.

That's more like it. Elaina said "Merry Christmas Uncle Rick and Aunt Tina".


Looks like Amanda is trying out for Elton John's part in Tommy.

No comment. All I know is, it wasn't me.


Contemplating the mysteries of the Universe.

Another one? Sure I would, why do you ask?

Will the real party animal please raise her hand?

Looks like the camera was pointed in the wrong direction.

Cousins and friends.

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