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February 2004, I finally got to return to Japan. Some of my friends from MPM and lots more trains and sights.
Here are some shots from my October 2002 trip.
Shots from my June 2002 trip. [Warning, there a lot.]

Here are some shots from my November 2001 trip to Tokyo. I borrowed a 1.2 meg digital camera and shot a couple hundred pictures. The train shots are here. It's crude and they are huge. If you've got DSL, go for it; if you've got a cable modem, don't tell your neighbors; if you have a modem, forget it.

These pages and the scaled images were generated entirely using scripts:
06 November 2001
07 November 2001
08 November 2001
09 November 2001

Dave Fossett's byun byun Shinkansen site. If it ain't here, it ain't a bullet train.Check out Dave's nice links page, chock full of Japanese train links.

JR East has a nice section listing about every train that they use in both Japanese and English or you can go straight to the train index.

The subway in Tokyo consists of a couple different companies. The Eidan or TRTA is one of the two big ones. TOEI is the other.

A site with a plethora of Tokyo commuter trains. And another, with possibly even more.

A JR500 enthusiast (Japanese). Please see this person's tribute to the new livery colors of the Kodamo "0"! What's this link, Mark? A JR West page on the JR500 Of the few trips I've been afforded on the shinkansen, the first was on this bad boy.
Here is a site with a whole lot of JR500 shots.