This is our garden. We might have put too musch compost in it...

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Garden2003_0607AA.JPG Garden2003_0607AB.JPG June 7 -- planting day!

Garden2003_0615AA.JPG Garden2003_0615AB.JPG June 15 -- Just a little water to help everything along.

June 27 Things are starting to look up.

Garden2003_0702AA.JPG July 2 -- We weren't really anxious, but it's starting to get exciting.

Garden2003_0720AA.JPG July 20 -- At this point we'd gotten a broccoli, and it was good!

July 25 -- We started wondering if we had planted too much.

Garden2003_0725AA.JPG Garden2003_0725AB.JPG
Garden2003_0731AA.JPG July 31 -- See the angel at the top of the arch? You won't for long.

August 11 -- Hard to believe this started from a handful of seeds.

August 18 -- Somewhere in there are some pepper plants and tomatoes.

Garden2003_0818AA.JPG Garden2003_0818AB.JPG Garden2003_0818AC.JPG
August 26 -- It's a real jungle now. Cherry tomatoes are coming off in handfuls and our arch has disappeared.